Sunday's AGM saw discussion about the future of club days at Ballarat.

In general it was agreed that -

  • All karters must now pre-enter for clubdays - starting for the October clubday.
  • If a minimum of 15 karters are not pre-entered on the Wednesday the event will be CANCELLED.
  • The exact cutoff point of 15 karters may be fine tuned over time.
  • There may be a financial incentive to pre-enter (eg: Additional cost to enter on the day) TBD
  • Once the 2016 calendar is released, the club will review the calendar and determine whether to alternate clubdays or whether there are certain dates that are not viable to run.
  • The club survey is still open, if you have not completed it before the AGM, please complete it so we can take your ideas to the next committee meeting and assist with these decisions 

Exact details of these entry changes will be mailed to all members.