Well done to all our Ballarat members who had strong results on the weekend, with great wins for John Page and Sam Wren 
New member Anthony Warner also picked up a good 2nd.
Akasha McEachran and Luke Mason were both just outside the podium knocking on the door.
Luke Thurston's position sells him a bit short - he was racing with and matching Remo pace in a very fast KA3 freight train.

Ballarat member results:

John Page 1st TAG Restricted Masters
Sam Wren 1st TAG Restricted Super Heavy
Anthony Warner 2nd TAG Restricted Masters
Luke Mason 4th TAG Restricted Heavy
Akasha McEachran 4th Cadet 9
Ray Dumesny 5th TAG Restricted Heavy
Joe Fawcett 5th Cadet 12
Paul Feely 5th TAG 125 Heavy
Jordan Malcolm 7th KA4 Junior Light 7th KA3 Junior
Jarrod Dwyer 7th KA3 Senior Light
Luke Thurston 7th KA3 Senior Heavy
Mal Mason 9th TAG Restricted Masters
Zaiden Barry 10th Cadet 12
Sam Murphy 10th TAG 125 Restricted Light
Braydon McKinnon 10th TAG Restricted Super Heavy
Trent Johnston 11th TAG Restricted Super Heavy
Tim Forster 11th TAG 125 Restricted Light
Lachlan Pring 14th Cadet 9
Andrew Bowen 15th TAG 125 Restricted Light
Brendan Torpy 17th TAG 125 Restricted Light

Sam Wren in the front of TAG 125 Restricted Super Heavy
Sam Wren leading TAG 125 Restricted Super Heavy

John Page leading TAG 125 Restricted Masters
John Page leading TAG 125 Restricted Masters

Anthony Warner battling with John Page
Anthony Warner 2nd TAG 125 Restricted Masters