Easter practice

The track is generally open all days except Tuesdays. We will try to have the track open - but let us know the day/ rough time you are coming in advance.

Ballarat members - we need names against jobs!

This is the event that keeps our club afloat and all members are expected to chip in. Start with yourself - then see if any of your family can help.

Road ways and general pit areas have now been marked.

You can now claim any free pit spot or just turn up on the weekend of the VCS. Spots in the middle come out a premium - you need to cram in - and you probably wont be first to leave. Rows are generally 4m or 6m wide - if you cant fit inside that space longways, sideways or shortways then go up the back where there is more space. Do NOT mark roadways or fence side spectator areas.

NOTE: Roads were marked last week before the rain came, check closely in case any marks got washed away. Free entries

We can now process free entries before payment - send a PM or contact 0438 981300