Thank you to everyone that attended the 2016 AGM

The following roles have been filled for 2016-2017:

President: Paul Feely
Vice-president: Mal Mason
Secretary: Kev O'Donohue
Treasurer: Kev O'Donohue
Race Secretary: Debbie Page
Club Delegate: Paul Feely
Co Delegate: Mal Mason
Scrutineer: John Page
Track Inspector: Kev O'Donohue
Canteen Manager: Michelle Shields
Website and social media: Paul Feely
Trophies: Paul Feely
Publicity officer: Mark Fawcett
License secretary: Kev O'Donohue

Additional Committee members:
Bob Shears, Sam Wren, Brendan Torpy, Justin Malcolm, John Page, Ray Dumesny, Jess  Aldridge and Luke Fong

A big thankful to everyone who has dedicated their time in these roles to make the club function.

The November committee meeting will be Wednesday 9 November at 8:00pm in the Haddon club rooms.



October club day update:
  • With only 6 pre-entries the clubday racing cannot go ahead and is cancelled.
    We highly encourage all members to pre-enter early for next club day to avoid this happening again.
  • The AGM needs to go ahead and is still scheduled for 11:00am
  • All gate locks will be changed on Monday 31 October, so please attend the AGM and get your new key at the same time.
    This is part of a security upgrade thanks to a Department of Justice Community Safety grant.
  • Karters are welcome to have a practice/test day after the AGM with help from other members

It's time to say a few thank you's to all that helped us out over the weekend with the successful running of this year's Ballarat Victorian Country series round.
Over the last two weeks we have been asking for, and requesting help with club volunteers just to try and get enough numbers to make it work, let alone offer some relief for the regulars in the canteen. 
We have to say that we are  very proud of what our club members were able to deliver, with an excellent level of support from mums, dads daughters and grans, girlfriends and just mates, even people from other clubs, all of which allowed our regular canteen legend Michelle successfully deliver hundreds of meals and drinks throughout the weekend.

To everyone that jumped in to help with the tyre marking that also contributed towards getting the karts to the grid in a timely manner, throughout most of the qualifying period there were a minimum of 4 people marking the tyres, most rotating between their own races just to make it work.

To the regulars at working bees throughout the year, and newer faces more recently that contributed to getting the track ship shape for this meeting. It doesn't happen on its own.

This is a typical effort that continues to make not only Ballarat, but all of our country clubs in the Victorian Country Series stand out and continue to showcase our sport.

Well done everyone, and thank you from the Ballarat Kart club committee.

Well done to all our Ballarat members who had strong results on the weekend, with great wins for John Page and Sam Wren 
New member Anthony Warner also picked up a good 2nd.
Akasha McEachran and Luke Mason were both just outside the podium knocking on the door.
Luke Thurston's position sells him a bit short - he was racing with and matching Remo pace in a very fast KA3 freight train.

Ballarat member results:

John Page 1st TAG Restricted Masters
Sam Wren 1st TAG Restricted Super Heavy
Anthony Warner 2nd TAG Restricted Masters
Luke Mason 4th TAG Restricted Heavy
Akasha McEachran 4th Cadet 9
Ray Dumesny 5th TAG Restricted Heavy
Joe Fawcett 5th Cadet 12
Paul Feely 5th TAG 125 Heavy
Jordan Malcolm 7th KA4 Junior Light 7th KA3 Junior
Jarrod Dwyer 7th KA3 Senior Light
Luke Thurston 7th KA3 Senior Heavy
Mal Mason 9th TAG Restricted Masters
Zaiden Barry 10th Cadet 12
Sam Murphy 10th TAG 125 Restricted Light
Braydon McKinnon 10th TAG Restricted Super Heavy
Trent Johnston 11th TAG Restricted Super Heavy
Tim Forster 11th TAG 125 Restricted Light
Lachlan Pring 14th Cadet 9
Andrew Bowen 15th TAG 125 Restricted Light
Brendan Torpy 17th TAG 125 Restricted Light

Sam Wren in the front of TAG 125 Restricted Super Heavy
Sam Wren leading TAG 125 Restricted Super Heavy

John Page leading TAG 125 Restricted Masters
John Page leading TAG 125 Restricted Masters

Anthony Warner battling with John Page
Anthony Warner 2nd TAG 125 Restricted Masters

Today we invited the Mayor of Ballarat, Councillor Des Hudson, out to our track to learn more about our sport ahead of our VCS round this weekend.

Without even hire kart experience (He has driven a monster truck before though!), Des was quick to start working on smooth lines and pushing the kart harder, and he had quite an enjoyable stint.

Ballarat Kart Club President and Vice-President (Paul Feely and Mal Mason) had a good discussion with Des about the sport, the club and sport in the region.

We thank Des for his time, and hope he enjoyed it.

View the onboard video