From now until the end of the April club day, the track will be running CLOCKWISE.

The normal outgrid is not in use during this time, leave the new outgrid (In the middle of the pit paddock) and turn left.

Use the normal pit in, its a tight left hander so take care the first time you practice pit entry.

We look forward to the first reverse club day on April 26 and hope to see you there.
We plan to run 3 clockwise club days this year, with further details of a reverse cup for juniors to be announced soon.


A strong contingent of both junior and senior karters will be heading up to Wimmera Kart Club on April 12 for the second round of the 2015 AUSTRANS Victorian Country Series.
Entries are looking great so far, with 125+ entered two weeks out, and we know of at least 11 Ballarat karters that will be competing.
We encourage as many as members as possible to enter the country series and represent our club, its great racing.

Last week students from Yuille Park Community College took to the Haddon track in practice for the RACV Energy Break-through.
Using recumbent human powered vehicles (HPVs), they got a lot of practice around the track on a very warm 30 degree day.
We wish them luck in their competition throughout the year.

Upcoming events

  • Historic karters will be using the track Saturday 28 before our March club day
    The track will be closed to karts on this day, but you are welcome to come and watch the old beasts.
  • The next club day is Sunday March 29


Unfortunately we need to list the following reminders due to recent track activity.
If any of these apply to you, you probably should know better.

  • Appropriate safety apparel (Shoes, Helmet, One piece driving suit, Gloves etc) is mandatory when using the track
    Refer to the KA Manual Chapter 7 for more specific detail
  • Use of the track is for active financial members only; a previous membership does not constitute an active financial member.
    Practice memberships are available and reasonably priced if you only wish use the track for test days.
    A lot of time, effort, and money goes into maintaining the track, so every contribution helps.
  • Track operating hours are 9:00am until 6:00pm and the track is CLOSED on Tuesdays.
    Kart engines must not be started at the track outside these times.

2015 Rule changes

  • Action cameras can now only be mounted on the Nassau panel (Refer to KA manual for specific detail)
  • A backup/emergency brake cable is now required as a redundant backup to the brake cable.


Remo Racing and DPE Kart Technology are offering some great prizes for Clubman classes competing in the 2015 AUSTRANS Victorian Country Series.

Junior Clubman, Clubman Light and Clubman Heavy karters will be eligible for 

  • A set of of MG Reds ($230) will be given to a random winner at each round in each Clubman class*
  • A $500 IAME gift voucher will be up for grabs to the series winner in each class* - in addition to the VCS series prize!

10 entries needed in a Clubman class to be eligible - so get your entry in NOW!