2014 comes to a close for Ballarat Kart Club with club champions being crowned.
Congratulations to Michelle Shields being our 2014 club member of the year for her non stop efforts for the club,
Michael Angwin was awarded a shield as appreciation for his long distance services as club delegate.

  • Senior champion was Luke Fong
  • Junior champion was tied between Aaron Ing and Luke Thurston (A first for the club, tied eve after countback)
  • Rookie champion was Jordan Malcolm
  • Cadet champion was Zaiden Barry

We wish any Ballarat karters competing in thr Vic closed the best of luck, and we hope all karters, members,friends, and family have a good break and we see you next season on March 1


We thank the following volunteers, stewards, officials, working bee workers, committee members and club supporters for their support in 2014 (In no particular order)
Kev O'Donohue
Debbie Page
John Page
Sarah Page
Chris Dunstone
Corrine Dunstone
Michelle Shields
Andrew Shields
Michael Masterson
Gayle Masterson
Anne Johnstone
Trevor Attwood
Fiona Attwood
Mal Mason
Leanne Mason 
Kelsey Mason
Chris Ing 
Liz Ing
Colin Russell
Beau Russell
Bob Shears
David Mckenzie
Justin Malcolm
Mark Fawcett
Sam Wren
Brendan Torpy 
Ken Decarli
Russell Harrison
Margaret Harrison
Helen Feely
Colin Feely

At our upcoming Country Series round on October 18-19 we will be raising awareness and money for Men's health issues by supporting Movember

You don't to grow a mo for the weekend (That can wait till November if you want to partake), but we would love your support

View the Movember event for details, and stay tuned as we may soon reveal more details.

You can also join the Ballarat Kart Club Movember team at http://au.movember.com/team/1568457

The 2014 AGM was held before the September clubday, and all positions were declared vacant.

We thank the holders of the previous positions for their hard work.

The 2014/15 positions are:

  • President: Paul Feely
  • Vice-President: Mal Mason
  • Secretary: Kev O'Donohue
  • Treasurer: Kev O'Donohue
  • Race Secretary: Debbie Page
  • Delegate: Kev O'Donohue
  • Co-delegate: Paul Feely
  • Scrutineer: John Page
  • Track Inspector: Michael Masterson
  • Canteen Manager: Michelle Shields
  • Web Editor/Trophies: Paul Feely
  • Publicity Officer: Mark Fawcett

Committee members: 

  • Bob Shears
  • Justin Malcolm
  • David McKenzie
  • Sam Wren
  • John Page
  • Brendan Torpy


NOVEMBER UPDATE: http://www.karting.net.au/new-era-for-cadet-racing-in-australia-starts-now


There is some confusion about the currently permitted use of the new engines to be introduced into competition in 2015.
This includes the IAME KA 100, Vortex Mini Rok, Micro Max and Mini Max engines for use on our race tracks.

Current Position
These engines are NOT eligible for use (Practice or Racing) on Karting Australia licensed circuits at this time.
They are all subject to homologation and approval by Karting Australia.
Our rules are quite specific with regards to engines that can be used for our Classes. These engines are not included in them at this time and cannot be used until such time as they are specifically approved by Karting Australia.

Vortex Mini Rok
The Vortex Mini Rok engine that is to be homologated by OTK Kart Group with Karting Australia will become eligible for use on KA Licenced tracks only after that process has been completed and the engines have been added to the appropriate Classes.

The specification and details of the engine and all of its peripherals have not been confirmed on the homologation that will apply to the Vortex Mini Rok engine for use in competition from 1 January 2015. It has not been approved for competition and it has not been added to any Class.

Competitors are advised that until the homologation, validation and approval for competition process has been completed and formal advice to that effect is supplied by Karting Australia that it is most unwise to purchase a Vortex Mini Rok engine with the expectation that it will be eligible for competition in 2015.

Further, Competitors are advised that they should not expect to practice with the Vortex Mini Rok engine at this time on Karting Australia licenced tracks. Karting Australia’s insurance policies do not afford cover for this engine at this time.

Source: http://www.karting.net.au/information-regarding-use-of-new-engines


Browse through some pics from 2013's Country Series round below.

This year's final Austrans Country Series round incorporates the Mort Page memorial for Clubman Light  on the weekend of Oct 18-19.

Series organisers are proud to announce that more than $22,000 worth of trophies and prizes will be presented to the series placegetters.
Beyond that, all drivers who have raced each meeting will get free entry for one meeting next year, and two lucky drivers, a junior and a senior, will get a full series free entry!

Pre-enter now via karting.net.au