• Cobden February 14
  • Portland April 10
  • Warrnambool May 15
  • Horsham July 17
  • Ballarat September 3
  • Hamilton October 15 - 16


  • Compulsory KA classes (Offered at all rounds)

    • Cadet 9

    • Cadet 12

    • KA4 Junior Light (Prev Junior National Light)

    • KA3 Junior (Prev Junior Clubman)

    • KA3 Senior Light (Prev Clubman Light)

    • KA3 Senior Heavy (Prev Clubman Heavy)

    • TaG Light

    • TAG Heavy

  • Discretionary classes (Min 6 entries required at first round to be offered for series)

    • KA4 Junior Heavy (Prev Junior National Heavy)

    • KA3 Masters (Prev Clubman Masters)

    • TaG Restricted Light*

    • TAG Restricted  Heavy*

    • TAG Restricted Super Heavy* (Karting Victoria set weight 197kg 202kg EVO)

    • TAG Restricted Masters* (Karting Victoria set weight Min 170kg,175kg EVO)

    • *Restricted drivers must be C or D grade as per 2016 rules.

  • Any class can be combined on track with other compatible class or classes in accordance with KA consolidation of classes rules. (Competition Rules Ch1 Rule 9)
    Classes to be consoldiated are determined by organisers & meeting officials to allow for more track time for all competitors.
    Caution should be used when entering multiple classes.
    Classes that form in the first round will be offered at all subsequent rounds
  • Discretionary classes that do not form in the first round will not be offered at any remaining rounds
  • All classes must form in at least 5 rounds to be eligible for series trophies and prizes
  • Classes will be formed or combined from the close of entries on the CMS (Wednesday night before race meet)
  • Consolidated classes will start  with a separation buffer between classes  (Classes will not be  combined based on qual time) TBC


  • Weights as per 2016 KA manual


  • Qualifying from 8:00am
  • Qualifying will consist of 6 minute sessions per class
  • Combined classes will qualify together


  • Saturday:  
    • 9:00am – 1:00pm uncontrolled practice
    • 1:00pm – 5:00pm controlled practice
  • Sunday
    • 7:45 Drivers briefing
    • 8:00am Qualifying
    • Racing to commence at conclusion of qualifying

Entry fee

  • $70 first class entered
  • $50 second class entered
  • Second entry includes immediate family members (Children under the age of 16)


On track race commentary will be provided at each round of the series in 2016

Race format

  • Qualifying: 6 min session 
  • First 5 rounds 2 heats + Final
  • Final round: 3 heats + Final
  • Heats of approx 8.5km
  • Finals of approx 13km

Provisional laps: 

  Cobden Portland Horsham Warrnambool Ballarat Hamilton
Heat laps 9 11 16 12 13 12
Final laps 14 17 22 18 20 20


  • Qualifying time determines grid position for heat 1
  • Heat 1 result determines grid position for heat 2
  • Grid positions for final determined by total points for heat 1 and heat 2
  • Final position  counts for meeting trophies
  • All heat and final points may count for series

Prize eligibility

  • A class must form in 5 out of 6 rounds to be eligible for series trophies and prizes
  • Drivers must compete in a minimum of 4 rounds in a class to be eligible for series trophies and prize
  • Karters that compete in all 6 rounds will receive 1 free round entry for 2017

Series Points

  • 401 less 10% system
  • Maximum 1203 points available at first 5 rounds.
  • Maximum 1604 points available at final round.
  • Series points total calculated from best 5 round results.

2016 Rules

Please pay close attention to the 2016 Karting Australia manual for rules relating to your class
The manual can be found at the url below:
2016 KA Manual
Please note: For rule purposes the Victorian Country Series is considered a State Series, and not a Zonal Club Championship.

Track closures

Tracks will be closed until & including the Friday immediately prior to the meeting except the last round which will be the Thursday.


The official channel for feedback or complaints is to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Country Series Facebook page is for promotion of the series, and some feedback may not be discussed publicly

Note: Victorian Country Series does not currently have a website presence apart from its Facebook page
This statement has initially  been posted at to make it easy to access for those with and without Facebook access, and will be also posted on any other participating club websites


Version history

Version 1: 12 Jan 2016
Version 2: 12 Jan 2016 - Added separation buffer for starts
Version 3: 14 Jan - Added free entry for all rounds
Version 4: 25 Jan - Confirmed weights for TAG Restricted Super Heavy and TAG Restricted Masters
Version 5: 21 Feb - Updated Portland laps