September's clubday bought out a nice turnout of members and some karters who'd travelled in preparation for next month's Country Series round.

A fierce headwind tested competitors down the straight, and some great battles were had in Sportsman Restricted Heavy and Cadets

Podium places are listed below:


  1. Zaiden Barry
  2. Beau Russell
  3. Joseph Fawcett


  1. Jordan Malcolm

Junior National Light

  1. Joshua Gay
  2. William Nyberg
  3. Karl Ferrari

Sportsman Restricted Heavy

  1. Malcolm Mason
  2. Sam Wren
  3. Mark Gunnell

Junior National Heavy

  1. Brayden Flood
  2. Dylan Simonis
  3. Blake Graham

Sportsman Restricted Light

  1. David Mckenzie
  2. Matthew Ferrari
  3. Matthew Chatz

Clubman Heavy

  1. Paul Feely
  2. Adrian Ing

Clubman Light

  1. Luke Fong
  2. John Page
  3. Tyler Bellman

Encouragement Award

Karlee Pearson