It was a glorious day for our September club day

Highlight of the day being Scotty passing Jordan around the outside of turn 1 in reverse - an extremely brave place to pass
Jordan then chased hard to get the lead back, while Luke Thurston hounded both in the spirit of Harry's Challenge.

We also (Finally) managed to run our first ladies event in senior national - with Annie Johnstone taking out the inaugural honors over Trudi McEachran

Albeit small fields - there was some great racing

1 Jordan Malcolm
2 Scott McEachran
3 Luke Thurston

Senior National Light
1 Ann Johnstone
2 Trudi McEachran

Cadet 9 + 12
1 Zaiden Barry
1 Daniel Malcolm
2 Akasha McEachran

Restricted 125 Light
1 Blake Graham
2 Paul Feely
3 John Page
4 Trevor Attwood