Thanks to everyone who came out on Sunday, it was great weather to turn some laps.

Both WinTV and The Courier came out ahead of next weekend, so we hope to see some of our karters in the news this week.

Remember; if you haven't pre-entered yet for next weekend, enter now at

Cadet 12
1 Joe Fawcett

Cadet 9
1 Brocklan Parker
2 Akasha McEachran
3 Ruby Gibson

TAG 125 Light
1 Mitchell Sutej

TAG 125 Restricted Light
1 Lachlan Hill
2 Alexander Barallon
3 John Page

KA3 Junior
1 Jordan Malcolm
2 Ryan Bettess

KA4 Senior Light
1 Leandra Schmidt
2 Trudi McEachran

KA4 Junior Light
1 Jaxson Cox
2 Jordan Malcolm
3 Nerinda Beard

KA4 Junior Heavy
1 Daniel Hookway
2 Will Kelly-Merrifield
3 Maximus Fahey

TAG 125 Restricted Heavy
1 Luke McPherson
2 Anthony Warner
3 Sam Wren

KA3 Senior Light
1 Douglas Jackson

KA3 Senior Heavy
1 Luke Thurston

Full results at