Warm conditions greeted karters, and 49 busy karters was a very welcome site at the club ahead of next weekend's VCS round.
Win TV kindly attended our club  day to get some footage before the VCS, so check our WIN News Ballarat this week to see if you appear on the news.

Our podium places are below, or you can  view the full results on the KA CMS
You can also view some pics from the day's racing on our Facebook page

Cadet 9

1 Rusty Ponting
2 Thomas Schmidt
3 Stefan Karajcic
3* Domenic Kucina 
*We have awarded a joint 3rd place, as an unfortunate transponder gremlin
doesn't show the great driving of the club's youngest new P plater.

Cadet 12
1 Zaiden Barry
2 Brocklan Parker
3 Daniel Malcolm

KA4 Junior Light
1 Jaxson Cox
2 Jai Stephenson
3 Corey Herbertson

KA4 Junior Heavy
1 Jordan Malcolm
2 Daniel Hookway
3 Keean Ferguson

KA3 Junior
1 Will Kelly-Merrifield
2 Max Owen
3 Declan Foo

KA3 Senior Light
1 Jack Douglass

KA3 Senior Heavy
1 Malcolm Mason
2 Luke Thurston

TAG 125 Restricted Light
1 Alexander Barallon
2 Brendan Torpy
3 Brock Rae

TAG 125 Restricted Heavy
1 Luke Mason
2 Barry Clough
3 Greg Ord