The Mort Page memorial for 2013 has been run and won in some fine weather.

A big thank you to all the volunteers at working bees, stewards and canteen staff that made the event possible.

The Mort Page Memorial Shield winner for 2013 is Andrew Hollis in Clubman Light, driving away from the field with some impressive pace.

Thanks to Chris Esh for taking some great pics over the weekend

You can browse Chris's photos via his facebook page

Being spoilt for photographers this weekend, Scott Schrieke also took some pics on the Saturday

And some photos of race day from Paul Feely


  1. Steve MARKOS
  2. Matthew DOMASCHENZ
  3. Darcy MICALLEF

Clubman Light

  1. Andrew HOLLIS
  2. Paul FEELY
  3. Michael MASTERSON

Junior National Heavy

  1. Brayden FLOOD
  2. Tom OWEN
  3. Matthew IREDALE

Junior National Light

  1. Dylan HOLLIS
  2. Josh BOHM
  3. Lachlan FITCHETT


  1. Jay COUL
  2. Cory ARNETT
  3. Jaxson COX

Sportsman Restricted Heavy

  1. Sam WREN
  2. Jason MCKAY
  3. Brian BROOK

Sportsman Restricted Light

  1. Tim CARTER
  2. Brendan TORPY
  3. Steve RYAN

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