Congratulations to all the Ballarat members who achieved a good result on the weekend.
Many were also busy helping out with the running of the event between their races.
Full results can be found on the KA CMS


  • John Page: 1st TAG 125 Restricted Masters
  • Jordan Malcolm: 1st KA4 Junior Heavy
  • Luke Mason: 2nd TAG 125 Restricted Medium
  • Jaxson Cox: 2nd KA4 Junior Light
  • Luke Thurston: 4th KA3 Senior Medium
  • Paul Feely: 5th TAG 125 Heavy
  • Luke Fong: 7th TAG 125 Light
  • Alexander Barrallon: 6th TAG 125 Restricted Light
  • Braydon McKinnon: 6th TAG Restricted Heavy
  • Malcolm Mason: 7th KA3 Senior Medium
  • Akasha McEachran: 9th Cadet 12
  • Brock Rae: 11th TAG 125 Restricted Light
  • Greg Ord: 12th: TAG 125 Restricted Medium
  • Daniel Malcolm: 13th Cadet 12
  • Brendan Torpy: 15th TAG 125 Restricted Light
  • Shayne Penhall: 18th TAG 125 Restricted Light
  • Andrew Bowen: 26th TAG 125 Restricted Light


John Page takes the win in the TAG 125 Restricted Masters Final (Photo courtesy of Pace Images/Victorian Country Series)