Well done to all the Ballarat karters at the Portland VCS round.

Don't forget, clubday is THIS weekend and we'd love to see a few karters to have some fun and help the newcomers.

Pre-entering online is the best way to throw your hat in the ring and get your class going (Particularly for juniors and cadets), but checking in with mates to see if they are competing also helps.

Anthony Warner 2nd TAG 125 Restricted Medium
Jaxson Cox 3rd KA4 Junior Light
Alexander Barrallon 3rd TAG Restricted Light
Luke Mason 5th TAG 125 Restricted Medium
Brock Rae 6th TAG 125 Restricted Light
John Page 6th TAG 125 Retricted Masters
Mal Mason 6th KA3 Senior Medium
Paul Feely 7th TAG 125 Heavy
Jordan Malcolm 8th KA4 Junior Heavy
Ray Dumesney 10th TAG Restricted Medium
Greg Ord 15th TAG 125 Restricted Medium


Anthony Warner battling in TAG Restricted Medium