Top marks for Jordan Rae with 1st in TAG Light
So close for Zaiden Barry after being there in all heats except the final few laps. (But a great result for the series)

Portland Ballarat Member Results

Jordan Rae 1st TAG Light 
Brock Rae 4th TAG Restricted Light
Paul Feely 4th TAG Heavy
Michael Angwin 5th TAG Restricted Medium
Jaxson Cox 6th KA3 Senior Light 
John Page 6th Vic Combined Masters
Zaiden Barry 7th KA4 Junior Heavy
Mal Mason 8th Vic Combined Masters
Taine Venables 8th KA3 Senior Light 
Ray Dumesny 8th TAG Restricted Medium
John Owen 10th Vic Combined Masters
Greg Ord 10th TAG Restricted Medium
Jordan Malcolm 13th KA3 Senior Light
Bill West 13th TAG Restricted Light
Jack Micallef 16th KA3 Senior Light 
Taj Vandenberg 17th Cadet 12
Daniel Findlay 18th TAG Restricted Light
Jason Douglas DNF KA3 Senior Light