The 2018 stand outs are Jordan Rae winning TAG Light, Brock Rae, Jaxson Cox and Zaiden Barry  podiuming in their classes.
Congratulations to everyone who took part in such a big series

Jordan Rae 1st TAG 125 Light
Brock Rae 2nd TAG Restricted Light
Jaxson Cox 3rd KA3 Senior Light
Zaiden Barry 3rd KA4 Junior Heavy
Michael Angwin 5th TAG Restricted Medium
Paul Feely 5th TAG Heavy
Ray Dumesny 6th TAG Restricted Medium
John Page 7th Vic Combined Masters
Taine Venables 8th KA3 Senior Light
Mal Mason 9th Vic Combined Masters
Greg Ord 10th TAG Restricted Medium
Alexandar Barallon 10th TAG 125 Light
Jordan Malcolm 11th KA3 Senior Light
Anthony Taylor 12th Vic Combined Masters
James Head 15th TAG Restricted Medium
Jason Douglas 17th KA3 Senior Light
Alan Saint 17th TAG Heavy
John Owen 19th Vic Combined Masters
Justin Malcolm 20th Vic Combined Masters
Bill West 20th TAG Restricted Light
Luke Mason 23rd TAG Restricted Medium
Jack Micallef 23rd KA4 Junior Light
Zaiden Barry 25th KA4 Junior Light
Joe Fawcett 25th Cadet 12
Domenic Kucina 27th Cadet 12
River Murray 26th KA4 Junior Light
Jack Micallef 27th KA3 Senior Light
Jason Douglas 28th KA4 Junior Light
Shayne Penhall 32nd TAG Restricted Light
Taj Vandenberg 35th Cadet 12
Adam Neville 35th TAG Restricted Medium
Daniel Findlay 41st TAG Restricted Light
Guy McCutcheon 45th TAG Restricted Light