Round 1 of 2019 was  huge event with 241 entries, and it was great to see so many new and old faces having a red hot go; including some of our members at their first open meeting.
There were some A class fields, and a top 10 result is a pretty decent achievement.

2nd KA3 Medium: Taine Venables
4th KA3 Light: Jaxson Cox
6th TAG Light: Jordan Rae
6th VIC Masters: John Page
6th TAG Heavy: Paul Feely
7th VIC  Comb Light: Brock Rae
8th TAG Heavy: Ray Dumesny
11th KA3 Light: Jordan Malcolm
12th VIC Comb Light: Bill West
14th VIC Comb Light: Shayne Penhall
14th KA4 Heavy: Ella Dunmore
15th KA4 Heavy: Lachlan Clark
16th KA3 Light: Jason Douglas
16th VIC Comb Light: Daniel Findlay
19th KA4 Heavy: Grace Dunmore
19th KA3 Light: Jack Micallef
20th VIC Masters: Greg Ord
25th Cadet 12: Domenic Kucina