Well that was a wild weekend in the South.
Congrats to all members who had a real good crack in very tricky conditions
A couple of us had good results before misfortune in the final, but some of us prevailed onto the podium.

Mick Angwin P1 Combined Heavy
Taine Venables P2 KA3 Senior Medium
John Page 3rd Combined MastersĀ 
Jaxson Cox 3rd KA3 Senior Light

Jordan Rae 6th TAG 125 Light
Ray Dumesny 9th TAG 125 Heavy
Brock Rae 10th Combined Light
Paul Feely 12th TAG 125 Heavy
Shayne Penhall 13th Combined Light
Grace Dunmore 15th KA4 Junior Heavy
Daniel Findlay 17th Combined Light
Greg Ord 17th Combined MastersĀ 
Bill West 18th Combined Light
Mitch Arrow 19th Combined Light
Lachlan Clark 19th KA4 Junior Heavy
Luke Fong 20th TAG 125 Light
Ella Dunmore 20th KA3 Senior Light
Domenic Kucina 21st Cadet 12
Jordan Malcolm 21st KA3 Senior Light
Jason Douglas 24th KA3 Senior Light