Victorian Country Series competitor travel visualisation

  • No karter names or street addresses have been used for privacy reasons.
    If any map marker happens to be the location of a karter's address, it is purely coincidental.
  • The map is resource intensive; It may not work on slow connections or computers, nor on older browsers.
  • The travel directions are only an approximation, and they are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate; some reasons include:
    • Karter postcodes are used for travel directions, and this is only a rough approximation of home address.
      eg: If you live live in Ballarat - your start location will be the centre of postcode 3350
    • Postcodes sizes differ a lot between city and country regions
      This can lead to large markers in the country, and smaller markers in the city.
    • Map directions are "As the crow flies", and may not represent your actual journey
    • Karters do not necessarily live near their home club; This can lead to some unusual patterns
  • Data totals may not be exactly the same as other sources (But should be very similar); some reasons include:
    • Not all karter details are complete, accurate, or available to the VCS.
    • Karter events are automatically extracted from Speedhive, and this may get some details incorrect without manual checks.