Q: My club is open again, but how do I practice at the track?

We have been shut for a while, and private practice requirements have changed in a BIG way while we were closed.
You MUST register or join a social karting session in KOMP to use the track AHEAD of time. (eg the day before)
There MUST be a qualified Karting Activity Controller (KAC) present.

2 - Track hours are 9am-6pm
Track is closed TUESDAYS (No engines)
Please RESPECT our neighbours and finish up on time.

3 Use your member key to open the top gate
If you are do not want others to join your session, shut the gate behind you.

4 This is a learning curve for all of us.
We will be patient as a club with any genuine mistakes, but we will also monitor compliance.
Anyone ignoring the requirement will be contacted by the committee.