Congratulations and sincere thankyou to Daniel Findlay and the Findlay family.
Countless hours have been spent at the track, at the workshop, and behind a computer for the club over the past year.
Dan, Jess and the boys are regular sights at all club activities, with special mention going to the preparation for our 60th anniversary, the VCS trophies, and the track extension engineering.
Not to mention getting our new club logo and t-shirts over the finish line after many years of trying.


2022 club member of the year daniel findlay

The Ballarat Kart Club thrives through the efforts and many hours put in by its passionate volunteers.

At our recent 60th anniversary celebrations we acknowledged the tireless efforts of two very committed volunteers, Michelle Shields and Paul Feely, with their awarding of Life Membership to the Ballarat Kart Club. Michelle and Paul’s individual contributions over many years has, and continues, to contribute to the success of our club through their work behind the scenes in our month-to-month activities and at race events.
We all thank you both for your amazing contribution and dedication to our club!

Michelle became involved in Ballarat Kart Club well over a decade ago, when her son was competing in karting.
To the club’s good fortune, Michelle continues to volunteer her time as an active committee member, and managing all the aspects of the canteen, from ordering, picking up supplies and operating the canteen to ensuring attendees at race meetings are kept fed and watered.
Michelle, from us all, we thank you for your on-going support of the club.


Paul’s talents have spread across the many disciplines of karting, not only as a driver, but also through his involvement in building the success of the Victorian Country Series (VCS), through photography, promotions and operations, and being a major contributor in growing the series to what it is today. Paul has dedicated countless years to the Ballarat Kart Club, holding the role of President for many years and is currently the Secretary on the club’s committee.
The club has been fortunate to have Paul’s assistance in writing many grant applications, in particular the recently successful Motorsport Grant which will fund the major infrastructure works, extending our track and providing amazing benefits for our members and our success in the future.
Paul also frequently sits out of the kart, in favour of running race meetings as our main official for our club-day events while also being an official at our VCS events. Motorsport and Ballarat Kart Club is a major part of Paul’s life, and like all of our volunteers, we are very fortunate to have people dedicated to supporting the sport that they love.

From all at the Ballarat Kart Club we thank Michelle and Paul for their amazing work and dedication.

Pictured: Michelle Shields (with club President, Bill West) and Paul Feely.

The Ballarat Kart Club 2019 Club Champions are

Cadet 9: Lewis Kucina
Cadet 12: Akasha McEachran
Junior: Grace Dunmore
Senior: John Page
Club Member of the Year: Bill West

Thanks to everyone that took part - we had a thoroughly enjoyable year and look forward to seeing all the racing next year!

It was also a ripper spring day for our last club day of the year on Sunday.

A good sized Combined Light class put on an energetic show, and we had some fun with those that registered for our Come and Try sessions after the racing.

Full results:

With pleasure we announce the 2020 Ballarat Club Champions:
Thank you to all that have supported our club through the year, its turned out pretty well for us, despite all the hurdles.
Cadet 9 Kart # 6 Lewis Kucina.
Cadet 12 Kart # 2 Mia Mifsud
Junior Kart # 50 Grace Dunmore
Senior Kart # 91 Jason Douglas
Ballarat kart club, club member of the year Mitch Arrow #11. AKA Luigi....

Congratulations to our 2017 champions!

Club racing champions
Cadet 9: Domenic Kucina
Cadet 12: Daniel Malcolm
Junior: Jaxson Cox and Jason Douglas (Tied)
Senior: John Page

Harry's Junior Challenge: 
Jason Harrison Memorial for best junior to represent Ballarat at bigger events.

In 2017 this had been awarded to Jaxson Cox for an outstanding AKC round win and very strong VCS results
Honourable mention goes for Jordan Malcolm who won the 2016 State Cup just after receiving the award last year.

Club Member of the Year
Kevin O'Donohue
Kev has been awarded this prize before, but his ceaseless work for the club cannot be overlooked.
We sincerely thank Kev for making the club tick.

A big thankyou goes out to all our regular officials and volunteers
- Kev O'Donohue
- Chris and Corrine Dunnstone
- Debbie and John Page
- Michelle Shields
- Mal Mason
- Bob Shears
- Glenn White

We also gave a token of appreciation and waved a partial goodbye to Corrine Dunstone after years of service to the club as an official. (We hope to still see her around in a non-steward role sometimes)