Congratulations to our 2017 champions!

Club racing champions
Cadet 9: Domenic Kucina
Cadet 12: Daniel Malcolm
Junior: Jaxson Cox and Jason Douglas (Tied)
Senior: John Page

Harry's Junior Challenge: 
Jason Harrison Memorial for best junior to represent Ballarat at bigger events.

In 2017 this had been awarded to Jaxson Cox for an outstanding AKC round win and very strong VCS results
Honourable mention goes for Jordan Malcolm who won the 2016 State Cup just after receiving the award last year.

Club Member of the Year
Kevin O'Donohue
Kev has been awarded this prize before, but his ceaseless work for the club cannot be overlooked.
We sincerely thank Kev for making the club tick.

A big thankyou goes out to all our regular officials and volunteers
- Kev O'Donohue
- Chris and Corrine Dunnstone
- Debbie and John Page
- Michelle Shields
- Mal Mason
- Bob Shears
- Glenn White

We also gave a token of appreciation and waved a partial goodbye to Corrine Dunstone after years of service to the club as an official. (We hope to still see her around in a non-steward role sometimes)