Congratulations to all our 2012 Club Champions:

Rookies: Luke Thurston
Juniors: Tyler Harrison
Seniors: John Page

Congratulations to all our 2011 Club Champions:

Club Member of the Year: Mick Masterson
Midgets: Luke Thurston
Rookies: Joshua Gay
Juniors: Patrick  Loiacono
Seniors: John Page
Life Member: Chris Dunstone

Final Clubday Winners

Club Family of the Year 2009

The Crump Family - Neville, Amy & Tim, Joel


Club Champions 2009

Midgets - Jaiden Lloyd

Rookies - Dylan Harrison

Juniors - Ash Quiddington

Seniors - Callum Boyce


Congratulations to all award winners for their achievements in 2009!

Congratulations to the 2010 Ballarat Kart Club Champions

2010 Rookie Champion - Tyler Harrison

Tyler Harrison -2010 Rookie Champion

2010 Junior Champion - Patrick Loiacono

Patrick Loiacono - 2010 Junior Champion


2010 Senior Champion - Jamie Attwood

Jamie Attwood - 2010 Senior Champion

2010 Club Member of the Year - Jason Harrison

Jason Harrison - 2010 Club Member of The Year

Life Member Award - Kevin O'Donohue

Kevin O'Donohue - Life Member

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Club Family of the Year 2008

The Boyce Family - Tracey, Barb, Callum & Regan


Club Champions 2008

Midgets - Blake Graham

Rookies - Daniel Doria

Juniors - Ash Quiddington

Seniors - Brad De Carli


Congratulations to all award winners for their achievements in 2008!