1 There is a lot of water, is the VCS Going Ahead?
If you do not already know, the Ballarat pits have been massively affected by the relentless rain, and the event could not have gone ahead as normal. (Luckily the track itself is unaffected.)
Having reviewed the situation today, the club is investing $10,000!!! before the VCS in additional gravel works to make the majority of the pit and high traffic areas as accessible as possible.
The track also looks amazing after a lot of hard work from the regular working bee crew!
That said, the pit plan for the event WILL be very different to normal…

2 - Can I mark out a pit spot?
The short answer is NO. With the conditions we simply CANNOT allow pit marking.
Sorry that we need to be so direct but, it is a NO.
3 – Then how do I get a pit spot?
There will be NO designated club areas this year.
However, the best area (both driest and closest) for competitors will be in the MIDDLE of the track – this area will be strictly MARQUEE/TENT ONLY for the VCS event.
Marquees MUST fit in the assigned 3m wide rows.

NO trailer access will be given to the track for members or non-members until 7:00am Friday 19 November.
If required, a second Marquee only area will be established.
An event plan with traffic direction and trailer parking area will be communicated before the event.

4 - Can I practice before the VCS?
YES - the track will be open on its normal hours UNTIL 6:00pm Sunday 13 November.
The gates will then be locked in the week before the VCS from Monday until the end of the week.
Please note that certain areas are out of bounds until the gravel works are complete, and there may be short notice track closures when heavy machinery is on site.