Ballarat Kart Club members are required to be a financial member of Ballarat Kart Club and have a current Karting Australia license to access and use the track.

License and memberships are now done online via the Karting Australia CMS.
New karters can apply for CMS access 

Ballarat Kart Club Membership 2023

New members: We are putting process in place to get in touch with new members sooner with getting started information.
Our new member liason and track key contact is Mal Mason:  0418 882854
Messages to the Ballarat Kart Club Facebook page is also a great place to ask beginner questions 


Race license      
  Single $80 License held with Ballarat Kart Club
  Family $105 License held with Ballarat Kart Club
  Second club $120 License held with any other club
Practice license      
  Any type $120 Note: There is no requirement for a family membership for a practice license
Joining fee      
  Home club $25  
  Second club  $50  
Track key      
  Race license and home club  $25  
  Practice license OR
second club


Karting Australia License 2023

New Competition/Racing License:       $345
Competition/Racing License Renewal: $330
Practice license: $135
Vintage license: $95
Karting Activity Controller: $20