🔊 Hamilton VCS member wrap up 🔊

Wow, what a weekend! There were extremely challenging conditions from the get-go on Saturday with the weather proving to be a major factor all weekend and testing the most seasoned of racers. The rain was on and off ALL weekend and no one was spared from the changeable conditions, particularly those who got the mid race rain!

It was great to see so many members competing with some fantastic results across the weekend. Even with the challenges, there was good experience gained for those who were not accustomed to these types of conditions. We now look forward to Round 6, the final round of the 2022 Victorian Country Series, at our home track in Haddon on 19-20 November 2022.

Congratulations to all members who competed, especially those who managed a win or podium. Check out the finals places for each class below or view the full results on Speedhive.


Cadet 9

Archie Bristow - P1
Kurtis Polkinghorne - P2

Cadet 12

Lewis Kucina - P6
Xavier Mifsud - P10
Alfie Carter - DNF

KA4 Junior Light

Jayden Dellar - P1 (Congratulations on your first VCS win!)
Akasha McEachran - P6
Max Marriner - P5
Joshua White - P9

KA4 Junior Heavy

Mia Mifsud - P4
KA3 Senior Light
Domenic Kucina - P13
Jordan Malcolm - P14
Jason Douglas - P15
Daniel Malcolm - DNS

KA3 Senior Medium

Luke Fong - P11
Grace Dunmore - P13

TaG Restricted Light

Daniel Golightly - P6

TaG Restricted Medium

James Head - P11
Ben Peverill - DNF
Chris Gardner – DNS

TaG Restricted Heavy

Michael Angwin - P1
Adrian Matheson - P2
Andrew Calvert - P5

TaG 125 Light

Jay Racovalis - P7
Greg Dunmore - DNF
Daniel Findlay - DNF

Tag 125 Heavy

Raymond Dumesny - DNF

Vic Combined Masters

John Page - P4
Greg Ord – P9
Hugh Wilson - P11

Challenging conditions for most of the weekend with wet Saturday and Sunday morning with the track drying midway through the day Sunday
Great to see so many members racing with some fantastic results and some great experience gained for those who the weekend didn't go their way.
All members will be better for the run and can look forward to round 3 at Portland in June.
Congratulations to all especially those who managed a win or podium

Full results on Speedhive

A fantastic effort from our juniors in particular

Cadet 9 (3)
Archie Bristow - P1🏆🥇
Kurtis Polkinghorne - P2 🥈
Xavier Misfud (DNS in the final)

Cadet 12 (1)
Lewis Kucina P3 🥉

KA4 Junior Light (4)
Akasha McEachran -P3 🥉
Max Marriner P5 - (A great drive given he is on P plates)
Joshua White - P13
Jayden Dellar- DNF
KA4 Junior Heavy(1)
Mia Mifsud P7

KA3 Senior Light(3)
Jordan Malcolm P10
Domenic Kucina P11
Scott McEachran P12

Ka3 Senior Medium (2)
Luke Fong P6
Grace Dunmore DNF

TaG Restricted Light(2)
Shane Penhall P6
Daniel Golightly P10

TaG Restricted Medium(4)
Mal Mason P5
Chris Gardner P6
Greg Ord P12
Ben Peverill P11 - (A great effort for Ben on his first VCS event)

TaG Restricted Heavy(2)
Michael Angwin P1🏆🥇
Adrian Matheson P4

TaG 125 Light(5)
Greg Dunmore P8
Jay Racovalis P9
Daniel Findlay P10
Mitch Arrow P11
Ella Dunmore P12

Tag 125 Heavy(2)
Nikola Schmidt P4
Raymond Dumesny P8
Vic Combined Masters(3)
John Page P2 🥈
Noel Hocking P7
Hugh Wilson P8
X30 Light (1)
Harrison Campbell P8

Round 1 of 2019 was  huge event with 241 entries, and it was great to see so many new and old faces having a red hot go; including some of our members at their first open meeting.
There were some A class fields, and a top 10 result is a pretty decent achievement.

2nd KA3 Medium: Taine Venables
4th KA3 Light: Jaxson Cox
6th TAG Light: Jordan Rae
6th VIC Masters: John Page
6th TAG Heavy: Paul Feely
7th VIC  Comb Light: Brock Rae
8th TAG Heavy: Ray Dumesny
11th KA3 Light: Jordan Malcolm
12th VIC Comb Light: Bill West
14th VIC Comb Light: Shayne Penhall
14th KA4 Heavy: Ella Dunmore
15th KA4 Heavy: Lachlan Clark
16th KA3 Light: Jason Douglas
16th VIC Comb Light: Daniel Findlay
19th KA4 Heavy: Grace Dunmore
19th KA3 Light: Jack Micallef
20th VIC Masters: Greg Ord
25th Cadet 12: Domenic Kucina

Well that was a wild weekend in the South.
Congrats to all members who had a real good crack in very tricky conditions
A couple of us had good results before misfortune in the final, but some of us prevailed onto the podium.

Mick Angwin P1 Combined Heavy
Taine Venables P2 KA3 Senior Medium
John Page 3rd Combined Masters 
Jaxson Cox 3rd KA3 Senior Light

Jordan Rae 6th TAG 125 Light
Ray Dumesny 9th TAG 125 Heavy
Brock Rae 10th Combined Light
Paul Feely 12th TAG 125 Heavy
Shayne Penhall 13th Combined Light
Grace Dunmore 15th KA4 Junior Heavy
Daniel Findlay 17th Combined Light
Greg Ord 17th Combined Masters 
Bill West 18th Combined Light
Mitch Arrow 19th Combined Light
Lachlan Clark 19th KA4 Junior Heavy
Luke Fong 20th TAG 125 Light
Ella Dunmore 20th KA3 Senior Light
Domenic Kucina 21st Cadet 12
Jordan Malcolm 21st KA3 Senior Light
Jason Douglas 24th KA3 Senior Light

The 2018 stand outs are Jordan Rae winning TAG Light, Brock Rae, Jaxson Cox and Zaiden Barry  podiuming in their classes.
Congratulations to everyone who took part in such a big series

Jordan Rae 1st TAG 125 Light
Brock Rae 2nd TAG Restricted Light
Jaxson Cox 3rd KA3 Senior Light
Zaiden Barry 3rd KA4 Junior Heavy
Michael Angwin 5th TAG Restricted Medium
Paul Feely 5th TAG Heavy
Ray Dumesny 6th TAG Restricted Medium
John Page 7th Vic Combined Masters
Taine Venables 8th KA3 Senior Light
Mal Mason 9th Vic Combined Masters
Greg Ord 10th TAG Restricted Medium
Alexandar Barallon 10th TAG 125 Light
Jordan Malcolm 11th KA3 Senior Light
Anthony Taylor 12th Vic Combined Masters
James Head 15th TAG Restricted Medium
Jason Douglas 17th KA3 Senior Light
Alan Saint 17th TAG Heavy
John Owen 19th Vic Combined Masters
Justin Malcolm 20th Vic Combined Masters
Bill West 20th TAG Restricted Light
Luke Mason 23rd TAG Restricted Medium
Jack Micallef 23rd KA4 Junior Light
Zaiden Barry 25th KA4 Junior Light
Joe Fawcett 25th Cadet 12
Domenic Kucina 27th Cadet 12
River Murray 26th KA4 Junior Light
Jack Micallef 27th KA3 Senior Light
Jason Douglas 28th KA4 Junior Light
Shayne Penhall 32nd TAG Restricted Light
Taj Vandenberg 35th Cadet 12
Adam Neville 35th TAG Restricted Medium
Daniel Findlay 41st TAG Restricted Light
Guy McCutcheon 45th TAG Restricted Light